Father of our Faith

I want to be like Abraham!

He’s called the Father of our faith. Why? Because when God spoke to him, he became absolutely convinced of the truth that he was given. Abraham believed God so much that his great faith was accounted as righteousness even before the new covenant had been established.

In Abraham’s mind, it didn’t matter what things looked like around him. It didn’t matter how impossible the promise seemed. His confidence was set and nothing could shake him!

When we look at the many clear promises given to us as the heirs of salvation, I wonder how many of us are equally convinced of the Father’s ability to bring all those promises to pass in our own lives? Has God’s power diminished in any way? His great love for us was dramatically demonstrated by the death of His Son on our behalves.  He is holding up His end of the promises.  He is even willing to hold up our side of the promise…if we will only believe Him!

I have determined to go after the faith of Abraham in my own life.  I have come to the conclusion that even when things don’t appear to be moving towards the promises of God, though I don’t see or understand it, I want to confidently declare and believe those promises in my life.  I want to be so convinced in the grace and favor of God upon my life, that I absolutely will not be swayed by any fearful or doubtful thoughts.

I am learning to keep my mind set and established upon the Lord regardless of my circumstances!



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