Weapons of Peace

So, my newest release, Weapons of Peace just came out this week. I can’t tell you how excited my husband was as he ripped open the box and looked at the 10 complimentary copies sent to us by Destiny Image. (Don’t worry! I will be getting more.) It wasn’t long before John began reading through the book, obviously enjoying it. That blessed me so much!
Some friends of ours were recently at a conference we visited and asked if I was excited to see my new book. I had to be honest. Yes, it is exciting to finally see my book in print, but was is more thrilling for me is to hear that people have read the book and are getting blessed by its content! I don’t know exactly why, but I think that as a teacher, I get excited when others understand the things the Lord has been teaching me! It almost makes it worth all the many long hours I spent studying and typing out each of the chapters.  (Writing a book is a very long process!)
Already I have been hearing from friends on Facebook and email who are excited about reading my book. What a great joy that is to hear! I hope and pray that each of you will take the time to check out this important message on the gift of peace Jesus has made available to us. The tools I share in Weapons of Peace will undoubtedly make a difference in our ability to maintain true and eternal peace in this chaotic world.

I look forward to hearing from each of you as you purchase your own copy and read it for yourselves.  Once you read it, I’m sure you will want to purchase and offer copies of this book to friends and family so they can begin enjoying the amazing peace Jesus wants us to remain in!


One response to “Weapons of Peace

  1. Hi Mary, I have read much of your blog and enjoyed reading it. Congrats on your second new book release…Just wanted to share how God has brought me into THE rest. It started AFTER I got the revelation of GRACE a few years ago. At first I kept thinking “ain’t I suppose to be “doing” something..lol..it felt so different during the transition that..( by the way you have to yeild to it)… you wonder if your “decieved”…lol..not that you stop working or producing…on the contrary…you work more abundantly… but now that I have been throughly grounded in the real Gospel, which is GRACE, and have entered THE rest I find that I don’t think much about my needs or presumble lack…and I stress presumable…for God withholds NO GOOD THING from us…I know that without a doubt now…or how am I going to pay my bills ect…fill in the blank.. I work commission only in a bad market right now and I don’t worry…even if it looks like I don’t have what I need… it is a very distant thought..almost forgotton…and with my adult sons..again not a worry.. even when I see them not living in what God has for them…I see the righteousness of God all over them..as they are saved… No matter what happens or what doe’s not “work out” it doe’s not shake me anymore…A few months back God spoke to me and said “You have your feet up”. I knew what He meant…Then I got the confirmaion from Joseph Prince the next day when he was teaching on THE rest…He said “Put your feet up”…It is a very powerful place to be…and I believe the path to get here is the gospel..which as we now know is GRACE…there is no other gosple…

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