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An Untroubled Heart

In John 14:27 Jesus made a most astonishing announcement to His disciples. After discussing the gift of the Helper (Holy Spirit), He states that He was leaving His peace here on the earth for each of us. Now in our natural reasoning we might be tempted to think that this peace only meant at times we might experience a temporary relief from the pressures of this world.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

When Jesus bequeathed us His peace, He was referring to both shalom and eirene peace which mean complete wholeness and prosperity in every area of our lives. He is declaring that by this gift we are now set at one again with the Father who created us. All the benefits described in Psalm 103 belong to us as direct heirs.

The inheritance is ours!

The only stipulation Jesus gives us to be enabled to walk in this peace (and joy) that surpasses all earthly understanding is this: Don’t let your hearts be troubled nor afraid.

Easily said, but how does one actually do that?

The answer lies in fully understanding the great mystery of all the ages. Our Father God in heaven takes no joy in seeing judgment, death, and destruction on this earth. The enemy is the one who brings that into the world by using the law against us. Condemnation opens the door and the enemy rushes in.

The Father hated this so much that He devised a plan to eradicate this reign of terror against His children. He sent His Son to pay for every sin, failure, curse, and judgment brought against us by the law.

Once this was paid for, in its place Jeaus left the promise of peace within and peace without by coming in full agreement and entering into His gift. The only thing left for us to do is guard our thoughts!

When things around us don’t appear to be the blessings of God, we meditate on His truth and thank Him for His goodness. In time, if we continue to believe what God has said, we will see and experience exactly what He has promised!

When a lie comes into our minds, we must aggressively cast it down declaring that all sin and destruction was placed upon the body of Jesus when He died on the cross. We are now guiltless before the Father. The lying voice of condemnation must be silenced by declaring the truth.

Mercy has triumphed over judgment!

Even while still on earth, Jesus invites us to partake in the goodness of our Father. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let it be afraid.