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Law vs Grace

I recently had some rather intense exchanges with a friend who had come to believe that the establishment of the new covenant did not change the requirements of the old covenant. Instead she believed that we must continue to fulfill the law to show our obedience to God.

As passionate and honorable as that might seem, I had to explain to her that our best efforts in law-keeping will always fall short of the perfection our holy God requires. That is why Jesus came. The ministry of condemnation as Paul calls the old covenant had to be fulfilled by Jesus so we could step into this new covenant of grace.

Once our judgment was fulfilled and completed upon the body of Jesus, we were extended the grace and favor of God. All we have to do is believe what Jesus has done and accept this amazing gift of God.

It’s that easy!

Jesus became our sin so we can become His righteousness. Jesus took our judgment and condemnation so we can walk in grace and favor.

The Father is not mad at us! He loves us and is excited to see us rule and reign here on earth as well as in heaven. This is who we were created to be. It is our heritage to grow into the image of Christ by believing and agreeing with all He is!

This revelation of Jesus has reignited my life and my joy. This truth can do the same for you!

Let it be, Lord!