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A Heavenly Mindset

Last week and over the weekend, I had the great privilege of hosting and hanging out with my friends Bing and Kat Kerr here in the Puget Sound region of Washington State and in Abbotsford, BC. What an honor this was!

As I listened and watched Kat as she revealed the reality of heaven to those attending her services. I read her first book, Revealing Heaven and watched one of her DVD’s prior to arrival, but experiencing the release of heavenly truths firsthand left my spirit feeling refreshed and stirred up for greater works on this earth. How often have we heard the saying, “Heavenly minded, but no earthly good”. How far this is from the truth! We all need to become more heavenly minded so we CAN be of greater earthly good!

Each of us needs to have our eyes focused on the current events of heaven so we can all respond in the agreement with all our true eternal family already residing in the home for those who have declared their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Kat described for us how the saints in heaven are richly rewarded and are able to witness all that is going on earth as declared in Romans 12:1, the great cloud of witnesses. She challenged us to begin using the anointing residing within us so the earth can be prepared for the greatest invasion of heaven coming to our current place of dwelling.

Kat described a timeline she saw in the Throne Room indicating the closeness to the release of this outpouring of our Father’s grace upon us. This is the time of which all the prophets of old foresaw when the glory of God will literally cover the face of the whole world described in Joel 2. We live in the days of fulfillment.

What an exciting time to be alive!